Old Scottish Postcards.

This morning i was looking through a folder of old Scottish postcards while looking for a suitable header image for our newsletter. Some of the images were so fantastic I thought they were worth sharing. Here are a few of my favourites:

In the days before washing machines getting your laundry done was a more communal experience. Getting those skid marks out of granny’s long johns took a fair bit of tramping!

Aberdeen Fish Wives In The Green 1906

You can almost hear the Aberdonian accents as these Fish Wives have a good old gossip in Aberdeen in 1906.

Best Of Luck From Dunoon

The ‘Multi View’ postcard has been around from the beginning. Scottish seaside towns being particularly popular. This is a classic complete with the obligatory Scotty dog.

Empire Exhibition 1938 A Small Scotch

This is an unusual take on the Multiview style featuring this cheeky wee laddie! From the Glasgow Empire exhibition of 1938 This brought back memories of the Tate Tower. My grandmother had a model of this in her china cabinet that fascinated me as a child.

novelty glasgow postcard

This card was clearly printed in the East of Scotland and takes a dig at our neighbours in the west. Nothing has changed!

Kilt with Kindness

This was probably a series of cards, with one for each city, cheaper than hiring a photographer!


Wild Corner Road To Ullapool From Lochinver

This road is still pretty rough in places but this image of a simple cart track sums up just how wild and unspoilt the west highlands once were, and still are to some degree.

Dalkeith, Sandy Bank 1908

I’ve saved my favourite image till last. This hand coloured photo of children bathing by the river in Dalkeith is so full of fun and vibrancy. These children would be the same age as my long departed grandparents but the joy on their faces make it feel like it could have been yesterday. I particularly love the grouping of the one solitary boy who has dared to go ‘in the skud’ as we’d say and his friend beside him in hysterics! Priceless!


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5 thoughts on “Old Scottish Postcards.

  1. Mike

    These truly are braw! Brings a warmth to the cockles of my heart, and brings back so many fond memories of hame! Living in California, I still believe there’s nae place like hame! Can’t wait for the next instalment!

  2. David McNabb

    Can you send me the image of the 2 Highland kids at the top of the page without the lettering so I can use it in my clan newsletter?

    Thanks, David McNabb


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