MacRae Graves at Clachan Duich

This ancient church overlooks Loch Duich inbetween Dornie and Shiel Bridge, near Morvich. Known as Clachan Duich or St Dubhthach’s church the graveyard contains many MacRae graves and even a memorial to the MacRae Clan Chief, Sir Colin George MacRae.

There is thought to have been a church on this site as early as 750 AD. In 1050 the church was dedicated to St Dubhthach . It is thought that the church was shelled by the ships that destroyed Eilean Donan Castle. The graveyard of this parish church of Kintail was reconstructed in 1855.


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6 thoughts on “MacRae Graves at Clachan Duich

  1. Dan

    Thanks for putting up your website. Nice job on the videos, very clear. It’s too bad that someone couldn’t walk through and take some snaps of ALL the grave stones. It’s like pulling teeth to get all the information for a genealogy search. 🙂

    • Flora Macdonald

      Dan, The Ancient Cemetery of The MacRae’s and others at Clachan Duich has actually all been photographed in incredible detail and transcribed on a DVD. Many of my descendants are there. Photographed by an incredible local MacRae descendant, with the wonderful assistance of her husband ~in collaboration with our other MacRae family member in Australia.
      Also they have insciptions of KIllilian Graveyard as well. Truly a labour of love of their MacRae, MacDonald’s and others.
      Are you in the UK?

      • Alexander Prescott

        Flora i have a relative Mary Wink (Nee McRae)who died in Park Bundalloch on 7 November 1897 she was the daughter of Duncan McRae Weaver and Christy McRae (nee McKay)who died 3 June 1869 both lived in Dornie all their lives. Have you any idea where Mary Wink would be buried?. Or even where Duncan and Christy would be buried i cannot find any burial records for them. One bit of info that may be of interest is that my mother as a very young girl lived in the house in Dornie that is now the village shop and she remembered going to school barefoot.
        Hope you can help


      • Jean Brett

        Do you know where this DVD can be purchased? We will be in Scotland in September.
        Thank you
        Jean Brett(MacRae)


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