Calling all Murrays

Blair Castle, one of Scotland’s biggest tourist destinations and the ancestral home of the Murray Clan, is marking Scotland’s Year of Homecoming with an open invitation to all Murrays across the globe to visit their ancestral home, and their visits to the Castle will be absolutely free.

The Castle, which has been the home of the Murray clan since 1606, sealed by the marriage of Sir John Murray of Tullibardine to Dorothea Stewart, heiress to the Earls of Atholl, and has been the seat of the ancient name for over 400 years.

The current Duke of Atholl, Bruce Murray, is Chief of the Murray clan and still retains the unique honour of being head of Europe’s only legal private army, the Atholl Highlanders.

Kate Hannah, marketing manager for Blair Castle, commented: “We really wanted to mark Scotland’s Year of Homecoming in a novel and unique way, and what better way to do it than invite members of the clan, from all over the world, to visit their family seat. We want them to feel welcome when they visit so, as long as they have photographic identification that they are a Murray, then we’ll be happy to show them round their ancestral home.”

Murray is one of the top 100 most common surnames in the UK, currently ranking 68th, and ranks 123rd most common surname in the USA, as well as 53rd most common surname in Australia.

Murrays visiting the castle will be asked to show photographic identification that their surname is Murray before gaining access and, while the invitation is currently only being extended throughout April, if it proves popular the Castle may extend it for the rest of the season.

Kate commented: “Perhaps the most famous Murray in the world at the moment is Andy Murray, and we’d be delighted if he took us up on our offer. But we know there are many thousands of Murrays from all over the world who will be interested in the history of their clan name and where better to find out about it, than at its home.”

Blair Castle is one of Scotland’s most popular tourist destinations, with 700 years of history spanning 30 rooms, and has played a role in many major figures’ lives including Mary Queen of Scots, Bonnie Prince Charlie and Queen Victoria.

This year the Castle has also revealed a new Family at War exhibition which displays various artefacts and information about the individual family members during the war, including personal letters, photos and documents.

Visitors to Blair Castle will be able to view the exhibition as part of their Castle Tour. Murrays can, of course, visit free of charge.


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10 thoughts on “Calling all Murrays

  1. Ada Koretz

    I am a Murray descendent. My great grandmother was Mae Murray. My surname as you can see is not Murray. I’ve traced my Murray ancestry back to Freskin and beyond.So because I do not have the Murray surname exclude me from your offer? I may not have the Murray surname but I do have the Murray blood!! And proud of it!

  2. Thomas William McMurry

    I trace my lineage back through Northern Ireland, and those that sided with Bonney Prince Charlie’s losing attempt to regain the throne (according to family lore). I am visiting my wife’s family near London next year, could I still secure entry to the castle. I desire to pay homage to my clans seat, and a epresentative of the Duke. I am a history teacher from California, and a proud Scotsman! Is this possible?

  3. Pani Gleeson

    Kia ora, I am a New Zealander and a descendant of John Alfred borrowdale Murray, who married our ancestor Kataraina Te Koni. I trace back to John through my mothers father Richard peters. We have a complete whakapapa(family tree) showing where we all connect to him. All of us that descend from John in New Zealand have a facebook page and also a photo of them both together.

    We would very much like to know more about our ancestor and very much like to visit one day. My question is, is anyone aware of us that connect to your family tree? does this exclude all of us murrays In NZ as well. Appreciate your view and any information.

  4. Jimmie Lee Murray

    I am grandson of DelmerLee Murray,great grandson of Wilie Lee Murray. Can someone help me find out where I came from?

  5. jackie paterson

    My great,great great {not sure how many) mother was a cousin to lord George murray, who assisted bonnie prince Charlie near inverness. she married a Thomas forbes. chidren they had included a Thomas and Christian murray.
    it has been some time since I have gone back into the family history and am about to start following up.
    if anyone is aware of any links to this family, I would be interested in your information that you may have. This family came from a family of crofters near the muir of ord. thank you.

  6. Kelly MURRAY

    I am so glad I found this website! I have been researching my ancestry and amazed at what I have found! So far, I have found all of my direct-line Murray ancestors and have since traveled back as far as 700AD I am planning a trip to Scotland and want to make sure that I find out as much as I can about my ancestors. I plan to visit Blair Castle, Dunkeld Cathedral, Perth, and a few others. Do you have any suggestions on places I might see that isn’t just a popular tourist location?

  7. Tessa Murray

    Wow, amazing things will be visiting one day soon all the way from New Zealand. . Wish I had known about this I would have gone

  8. Leslie

    I am a descendant of Norman Murray, who emigrated from the Isle of Lewis to Canada in @1852. Are the Lewis Murrays members of the Murrays of Atholl?


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